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( Nov. 8th, 2027 12:05 pm)
i am 33. i share a greenish-blue house with my husband of many years, our two-year old son and a hodgepodge of other animals. i spend the majority of my time as their caretaker, though i also work a few hours a week at a non-profit. i'm originally from the rural midwest but moved to washington state in 2002.

i am very shy, very anxious and very, very introverted. these get in the way of rather a lot of things. my world is small, but as i've grown older i've accepted that this is best for my absurd, highly-strung nervous system.

depression and self-injury nearly destroyed my life. a great deal of time and self-work have allowed me to let go of them for the most part. i am on the other side, now, and am trying to figure out how to change my perception of myself from someone who is ill to someone who is capable of health, stability and happiness. i am trying to figure out how to live the best life that i can, now.

i value kindness and empathy, gentleness and nature. and cats. this journal is friends only, but please feel free to add it.

**housekeeping note: due to recent changes in's hosting services, i have begun the wretched process of moving all of my photographs elsewhere. please forgive any broken links while i slowly sort out fifteen years worth of images.


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