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a red-haired freckle-faced escapee from the cornfields and dirt roads of indiana. now found most often in the deep lush woods of the pacific northwest. chronically anxious but attempting, quietly, to build a small, sweet, stable life. mother, wife. talks to cats.

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a thrum, all sorts of pineapple, all these trees, beachcombing and blackberrying, bee art, being held, clear cold creeks, curious, dandelion crayons, dark windy mornings, deep november, desire, endless pad thai, failing at sewing, forgotten space, growing my own food, heart-shaped gingersnaps, heavy handstitched quilts, hiding, honey honey honey, hope, house-dreaming, intuition, kindness, little wildflowers, loose fate, not talking, onward always despite, opal whiteley, pancakes: many., piglet's te, puffy cats!!, recovery, roads that keep going, simplicity, sleep, slender doors, slow emergence, smoke and rain, social anxiety disorder, staying home, swan's black flesh, swimming hunger, tea and apples, the wind through pines, thimbleberry jam, things that are trusty, tiny bursts of glee, to wake up laughing, warm sweet nights, well-loved sweaters, well-mannered frivolity, willows and oaks, wondering
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